Motherhood Matters

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MOTHERHOOD MATTERS was started by registered nurse and midwife Megan Benn and is now 

run by Lynn Keck, who has been part of Motherhood Matters since March 2012. Megan is no 

longer seeing clients at this stage but remains a member of the Motherhood Matters team as 

administrative assistant and client liaison.

Lynn Keck Lynn Keck
Diploma in General Nursing 1978
Diploma in Midwifery 1980
National Higher Diploma in Community Nursing 1998
Primary Care Paediatric Clinical Nursing 1998
International Infant Massage Course 2000
Sexual and Reproductive Health Course 2001
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant 2003
Perinatal Education Programme - Maternal and Neonatal 2006
Practice number: 0196673

Tanya Moffat
Bachelor of Nursing Honours Degree, Wits University, 1997
Registered nurse (general, psychiatric and community) and midwife
Practice number: 0417904


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