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Baby Wraps
As midwives who carry out postnatal home visits, we deal with mothers and new babies every day. As mothers we understand the frustration of a baby who won’t settle or sleep well during the day or who likes “to be held” and the challenges of dealing with a crying baby.  We also know that mothers with more than one child need to have their hands free, especially when out and about with a toddler and a baby.  

Baby wraps are fast becoming the preferred method of carrying your baby (as opposed to commercially sold slings and other baby pouches or carriers). They not only enable you to be completely hands free, but make your baby feel safe and secure. We have seen first-hand the calming effect of putting a fussing baby in a wrap. Research shows that having a baby close to the mother improves their growth (this is especially true when maintaining skin to skin contact) and that carrying them upright improves “colic” symptoms.  
Snug Jonathan
As we have seen the numerous benefit of these wraps, Motherhood Matters has decided to stock and sell a very basic wrap (with no fancy edging or emblems). Our wraps are soft and comfortable and distribute the baby’s weight evenly to avoid back problems. They are also breathable and easy to clean and there are no difficult buckles, buttons or fasteners. The wraps are machine washable at 40 degrees and can be ironed with a warm iron.  

Although we stock a variety of colours, please email us to check our current availability. For further information or to place your order, please email Lynn Keck: For more information about what we do on a home visit, go to Services.

* Comfortable and comforting * Baby feels safe and secure * Improves bonding

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