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Here's what some of our clients have to say about us....

Despite all my best intentions with reading lots of pregnany and baby books, nothing could have prepared me for those first days at home with our daughter Amelie. Not only was I sore, tired and anxious - but everything was so new! Megan was like a breath of fresh air in our home. She was so calm and gave such good practical advice. I would recommend Motherhood Matters to all new mothers's - the reassurance, advice and support they provided on all aspects - breastfeeding, bathing, sleeping and mom's health post labour - was invaluable to us.


Having Motherhood Matters help after the birth of my third child was such a life saver. Having someone come to our home every week gave me the care and confidence Hannah and I  needed to settle nicely. It was wonderful to weigh her in the warmth and comfort of our home home and not have the hassle of schlepping out and about. I will be recommending their exceptional care to everyone I speak to! 



What a pleasure to have visits in the comfort of my own home, especially after a C-Section. I would highly recommend the services of Motherhood Matters.


I wish to thank Megan from Motherhood Matters for starting her business.  I found out about Motherhood Matters at my last Antenatal class.  It was suggested that we book an appointment before the birth which I dually did.   I had an elective caesarean and even though my husband had taken two weeks leave it was great not having to get into the car in the first week to have our son weighed and checked out and I also got the once over to make sure that I was recovering properly.  Megan is lovely and easy to talk to.  It was wonderful to have the one on one attention in the comfort of my home.



I first saw Motherhood Matters advertised at the foetal assessment clinic in Claremont. Feeling a bit anxious about how I would cope with my newborn once we got home from the hospital, I decided to sign up for their services. It was one of the best decisions I made! Tanya was absolutely wonderful. You can tell she genuinely cares for both mother and baby. Knowing that I had the support of Tanya in the comfort of my own home gave me complete peace of mind. I would not hesitate to recommend Motherhood Matters to friends and have already done so.



Having Motherhood Matters come to my house for the first 4 weeks after having my second baby was born was the best thing I could have done: Megan taught me how to breastfeed with ease (I struggled through it with my first), checked up on me and my baby (no schlepping off to the clinic with my small baby for regular weigh-ins) and gave me superb advice at every turn. Every mom - especially first time moms- should know that this incredible service exists!



Thank you for taking such lovely care of us. I felt so much better and more confident after the delivery of this baby.


I was desperate to find someone to chat to for support after my baby was born. More importantly, I really wanted someone to come to my house! I came across "Motherhood Matters". After a few chats with Megan over the phone, I decided to ask her to come and see me. And I am so grateful that I did. I just needed someone to tell me that I was doing okay, and that what I was going through was normal and that things would get easier. I just needed that support. I wish I found her earlier than I did. I would highly recommend Motherhood Matters as support for the first couple of months once your baby is born. Its so great that you don't have to go anywhere and they come to your house and just make sure that you and baby are doing fine. This kind of support is very rare in our society today. Thank you Megan and Motherhood Matters.


Motherhood Matters not only provided us with invaluable knowledge, but also the support and reassurance we needed during a difficult time.
Chris and Tezhe

Motherhood Matters was an excellent service for me as a first time Mom. It really helped me and baby to have home visits in the first few weeks of being home with baby.  It was very beneficial to receive advice in my home on how to breast feed and to know that baby was gaining weight.  I think if I didn’t have these visits I wouldn’t have been confident enough to carry on breastfeeding.  Thank you so much Megan for all your advice and support.      Chantal

I would highly recommend Motherhood Matters to all moms seeking support with new babies. Megan was a great help to me after having my daughter and assisted me with a number of aspects including breastfeeding, post-op care, weighing and general baby care queries and concerns. It was a great relief to have support from a professional person for the first few weeks after the birth and found her to be very accessible and a huge comfort in trying times. She was extremely thorough in asking, answering and documenting questions and concerns and the progress made with my daughter was noticeable after each visit. I will definitely be recommending MM to all expectant moms going forward!        


A friend told me about Motherhood Matters while I was still in early pregnancy and my first thought was, only for the first 6 weeks, will that really benefit me? Well the answer is yes, absolutely! Once Daniella was born, time seemed to stand still, a week felt like a month and the need for help and support suddenly became absolutely essential. From the day Megan started her visits I knew I'd made a good decision as I saw how each of her 6 visits gave new insight into my little one's challenges in early development. Megan's support, experience and up-to-date knowledge helped me manage Daniella's difficulties with feeding and reflux. She and her team picked up an allergy and helped me correct my feeding technique. Thinking back, I had the same tearful moments with my first child, but just didn't know what was really going on, put it down to 'colic' and endured the hours of crying until she grew out of it. No such thing with Daniella - thanks to the Motherhood Matters team she is now a peaceful and contented baby. For me, the key is that the visits are at your home. No stressing to get your newborn ready for a trip to the clinic and no anxious waiting for your turn, hoping that she doesn't wake up. Another benefit is that the Motherhood Matters team actually observe your feeding technique, which seldom happens during a clinic visit. Most of Daniella's issues were picked up then. You'll also have support with that daunting first bath, what a luxury! By the time Daniella was 6 weeks, I was ready to venture out with her and Megan referred me to my closest clinic, where I could have the vaccines done. Her job done, I will miss my weekly visitor and our friendly chats.

Megan took me on the journey of motherhood through her home visits. At first my thoughts were “I wonder exactly what she is going to do on this home visit”. Having a first baby in my 40’s and having read so many books on motherhood, to my surprise Motherhood Matters services went beyond my expectations…… Megan did weighing of my Diamond boy and did all the necessary post natal checks on me, which I didn’t know about. She helped me through the transition. She went the extra mile all the way to make sure I was cruising along to look after DD . Very efficient and professional at all times. Home visit at your own home is perfect. Saves you from all the hassles!

Within the first week after my baby girl was born I started having trouble with breast feeding, I had a lot of support from my family but this did not compare to the help and assistance not to mention better understanding I received from Motherhood Matters. I dealt with Megan and Lynn and both truly went above and beyond to help me. Calls and sms just to check how I was doing in between visits, even when I had questions in the middle of the night they were answered speedily! I chose to stop breast feeding after getting mastitis and I honestly believe they helped me feel that I did try everything (different feeding positions, cup feeding after expressing, feeding through a tube and finger, nipple caps, tongue training, various ways of latching and the list goes on!) I honestly do not know what I would have done had it not been for Motherhood Matters! I will definitely be recommending you to everybody I know!    


I came across Motherhood Matters during a presentation given at our antenatal class.  As my mother lives a good 45 min away from me, it was really comforting to know that from the day I leave hospital and weeks after I would have the support of professional midwives.  Megan and her team were amazing and on the first day I called her my 'guardian angel', whom without - I would have lost my sanity early on.  The guided me (& hubby) through some of the initial learning curves & really challenging events and was always an sms / phone call away if I really started to freak out. 
I think that they are doing an amazing job in helping new mothers settle into life with their new little person and would certainly recommend them to every new mother out there for their own peace of mind.       


I would strongly advise new moms to make use of the fabulous services that Motherhood Matters offer.  Megan was in contact with me before the birth of my baby and was a phone call or sms away when I had concerns re my labour.  I had regular email correspondence preceding the birth, with words of encouragement and genuine interest in how things were going. The three visits post-birth were fantastic.  Megan was interested in both baby’s and my well-being.  I felt very supported and reassured.  It was great to have baby seen to in the comfort of my own home.  Megan was friendly and warm while remaining professional.  I honestly think it was the best money we spent on the birth of our baby girl and have been singing her praises to anyone who will listen.  I will definitely contact her again when I have baby number two.        


Megan from Motherhood Matters was an absolute life saver, literally. We were in a bad condition when she first came to visit, and things started to dramatically improve after her first visit already. I honestly don't know what we would have done if it wasn't for her visits. Having someone come to your house in those first few days at home is invaluable. She spent as much time with us as she needed to make sure we were coping and managing with baby. She assisted with feeding; gave lots of good, sound advice; checked me and baby out thoroughly. I would never have gotten this level of assistance or time at a clinic or a doctor. I would definitely recommend Motherhood Matters to everyone. The decision to use their service was one of the best decisions I made and was so grateful that I did.           


I was so worried about having trouble with breast feeding that I made an appointment with Motherhood Matters a week before my baby was even born! I wanted to be sure that I had all the help I might need. Thankfully breastfeeding wasn't as much of a nightmare as I had anticipated, but there were so many other things I hadn't even considered that were suddenly facing me once baby and I were home from the hospital. Lynn was such a calming presence and all her positive input and reassurance really gave me the confidence that I needed. I thoroughly enjoyed her visits and will definitely stay in touch and use Motherhood Matters if/when I have another baby.   


Friendly, knowledgeable and supportive. I have to thank Lynn and Motherhood Matters for the help and support in successfully establishing breastfeeding for my twin girls!   


As a first time mom I was completely overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for my little bundle of joy. Megan from Motherhood Matters visited me in my first week of being home and it was such a comfort to have someone knowledgeable check both baby and I out and assure me everything was fine and I was doing a good job. I was also struggling to get my baby to latch correctly and Megan sat with me through a feed and helped me get the position and latch right which made everything loads easier. I also found I was bombarded by information from every well meaning friend and family member, most of it contradictory or out dated. Megan provided such piece of mind – she became my point of call to double check anything I wasn’t sure of and I was able to call her even after we had finished my home visits. I would highly recommend their services to any new mom. Trust me, it makes the first few weeks so much easier!   


A friend recommended "Motherhood Matters" to me, and I happened to mention it to my mom, who then went "behind my back" and bought me a gift voucher for a few consultations (seeing that she was not able to come and help me during the first few weeks). It was my first baby and I had a c-section, and the recovery was a lot more painful/ difficult than I was expecting.  And no one could have ever prepared me for those first few days/weeks at home with a new baby! I cannot tell you what it meant to have someone come and check on me and my little boy. The first few weeks were really tough and just having Lynn visit once a week was what helped get me through. It meant so much just having her reassure me that I was doing a good job, check on baby, check on me and my wound, and help me with the breast feeding. It really was the best gift anyone could have given me and my baby! I would encourage any first time moms to seriously consider having at least one consultation with Motherhood Matters.
Keep up the great work - I will definitely recommend you to my friends.  


I would like to thank both Megan and Lynn of Motherhood Matters for the wonderful care, attention and support I received.  To Megan, when I called on Friday evening looking for assistance, I was delighted that Lynn was able to facilitate a visit the very next day, Saturday. Lynn provided invaluable support and reassurance to both myself and my husband, setting our minds at rest that our questions, fears and concerns were 'normal' and that everything would be ok . At each visit, Lynn was holistic and thorough in her approach. The visits were relaxed and I felt that I gained much more than just a clinical visit.                

Sinead, Allan and Lily